(Joe) Fresh Deals on a Thursday!

Joe FreshWith it’s presence in grocery stores across Canada (and even some stand-alone shops), Joe Fresh has become a real competitor in the fashion world.  Let’s all admit, it’s pretty much impossible to buy a loaf of bread without just “happening” to stumble upon the simple, yet chic tables that display the newest collections of t-shirts, dresses, and more.  And though the prices are already pretty great, if you ever see something you love but it’s just a little too expensive for your liking, my advice is to listen to your wallet and not your heart, and walk away (yes, I said it).  Just don’t forget to come back on a Thursday because that, my friends, is when the Joe Fresh Clearance Fairy works her way through all the fabulous (fresh) markdowns.  (This may not apply to every grocery store, but all the stores I have near my home have informed me this is the case for them.)

So, take this wealth of knowledge and get to your nearest Joe Fresh, (it is Thursday after all!), because not only will you beat the pre-weekend rush, you can bask in the glory of not having to live without those cute jeans any longer!

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