How to Pay Even Less at Payless Shoesource


I don’t think you’ll ever hear a woman say “I don’t need another pair of shoes”, (at least I know those words have never escaped my own mouth).  The thing is, I don’t like paying a ton of money for shoes becauComfort Plusse I have a tendency to either: a) end up living in the same pair for an extended period of time and wearing out the soles/heels, or b) put my shoes through torture and wear them to drive in, get them stuck under my chair at work, or get them caught between the stones on sidewalks, resulting in irreparable heel scratches and dents (who’s with me?!).  Basically, I would rather pay a reasonable amount for a pair of shoes, love them, and wear them until they simply can’t be worn any longer, (which usually happens too soon as per the reasons above), than to pay a significant amount of money for a pair, and then cry myself to sleep when they’ve gone to shoe-heaven after only a few short weeks/months. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that a less expensive shoe equals a less impressive product.  Case in point: Payless Shoesource, which has quickly become one of my favourite shoe-shopping destinations.  I’m especially fond of their Comfort Plus line, which offers extremely (and I mean ridiculously) comfortable shoes at a great price.  Check out one of my favourite pairs, above.   At Payless, you not only get to choose from hundreds of styles, you also get to choose from a handful of money-saving options and discounts; the cherry on top, so to speak.

1. Sign Up for Emails

Payless Rewards

Visit the Payless Canada website and sign up to become a member of the new “Payless Rewards” club.  You’ll receive exclusive email offers (usually 10-20% off your entire purchase).  You’ll even receive a special coupon for your birthday! Join the rewards program here.

2. Sign Up for Text Message Rewards

Payless text

On top of their email program, payless also offers customers the option to receive monthly text messages with great discounts (usually 20% off your total purchase).  You even receive 20% just for signing up! Simply text SHOES to 78787.

3. Use your CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) or AAA Discount

CAA Rewards

Not many people are aware of this discount, but if you are a member of CAA or AAA, you receive 10% off your total purchase (of regular priced merchandise) at Payless. Learn more here.

4. Always Keep Your Receipts!


Like many other stores, Payless offers customers a special discount if they complete a survey at the bottom of their receipts.  The discount has recently been adjusted to $4.00 off your next purchase of $9.99 or more.  The great thing about this discount, is that they let you combine it with either the email reward coupon, or the CAA discount (amazing!).  Learn more here.

5. Take advantage of BOGO!


Payless often advertises their BOGO “Buy One Get One 50% Off” sales. If you’re looking to stock up on shoes, or if you have 2 (or more) specific shoes in mind, this is definitely an offer to take advantage of.  You can also combine the BOGO offer with some of the other discounts listed above: receipt coupon, and either the CAA discount OR the email rewards discount.

The Math: How It Works


Those beauty shoes I showed above in beige retail for $34.99 plus tax.

I bought them when they were on BOGO (and also purchased the same pair in black, pictured left, because the beige ones needed a friend), and would have paid $52.49 plus tax, which is already a great deal for 2 pairs.

However, using the 30% off email coupon, the shoes came to $36.74 plus tax.

But, I also used the $4.00 coupon from my receipt, and got them for $32.74 plus tax:

A price of $16.37 (plus tax) per pair !


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