Buy This Not That: Mascara Guards!

LashesIf you’re anything like me, for a special night out you spend time perfectly blending your eye shadow and precisely lining your eyes, only to mess it all up when you apply your mascara.  Ugh! That brutal smudgy mess all over your beautiful masterpiece!  Enter mascara guards: a simple and effective way to ensure that your mascara stays on your lashes (and only your lashes!).lash card

For the longest time I simply used a piece of tissue to solve this annoying problem, until I was sent a package of “Lash Card Mascara Guards” in one of my monthly beauty subscription boxes.  I tested them out, and they did the job. I didn’t like however, the awkwardness of maneuvering such an oddly-sized piece of paper (which is really all it is) near my eyes, or the fact that you have to throw them out after just a few uses. Not to mention the $6.99 +tax price tag for just 10 disposable cards.  If you figure you’ll go through approximately one package a month, you’re looking at about $90.00 a year.  To some, this may be completely worth it, and these will definitely solve the problem at hand. But for those of you who don’t have this kind of money in your beauty budget, check out the comparable and much cheaper fix below!

While perusing through my current Avon book, I came across a handy tool (“Mascara Guard & Lash Comb”) that ultimately does the exact same things the Lash Cards do…plus more! This handy , multi-tasking plastic tool is reusable, washable, and is ridiculously inexpensive! At just $1.99 +tax, this solves the “need-to-constantly-repeat-purchase” challenge that the Lash Cards face.  It also allows you to comb out your lashes, so not only will you be smudge-free, you’ll be clump-free too! It’s ergonomically, economically, and eco friendly, and ensures your hard work and effort don’t go to waste. Combine this with your favourite mascara and you’re pretty much unstoppable!

“When it comes to mascara, my rule is to look for the blackest black–it’s the secret to making your eyes pop.” ~Bobbi Brown


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