Smooth Skin in a “Snap”: New Venus Snap with Embrace Razor

Venus Snap

There are a number of reasons why I love this new razor from Gillette Venus.  Not only is it compact and perfect for travelling (or keeping in your purse or gym bag), its small-sized handle also gives you great control over the closeness of your shave.  No need to sacrifice the size or quality of full-sized blades with this baby: the refill blades for the Snap with Embrace razor are simply the same blades you’d use on full-sized Venus products.   If you already have a Venus razor, you can simply clip your current blade onto the Snap razor if you’re travelling.  The small, circular, pink handle has a grip to ensure it doesn’t slip out of your hand in the bath or shower, and the cute blue hard-shell carrying case means I no longer have to use a sandwich bag to carry my razor when travelling (yay!).  Moreover, the case is vented to prevent the buildup of water, which sometimes results in rust or mildew (yuck).    I purchased mine at Target for around $10.00, making it not only effective and fun, but affordable too!Venus Snap 2

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