Glitter Be Gone: The cure for nail polish that just won’t come off!

Partys OverI’m one of those people who loves fun, glittery nail polishes, but absolutely dreads when it comes time to take it off.  Scrubbing, picking, and soaking: it might as well take the place of your workout that day (dramatic, I know).  This awesome kit from Julep takes all the pain and energy out of removing those beloved sparkles.  Simply tear open a polish remover packet, place it on your nail, and then cover it with one of the reusable nail caps.  Leave the caps on for 3-5 minutes, then squeeze and pull to remove both the cap and the pad, and finish by wiping off any excess glitter.  You can also use this product to remove gel manicures!

The kit, adorably named “Party’s Over”, comes with 10 reusable nail caps and 5 (10 piece) polish remover packettes.  You can also purchase polish remover refill kits which come in sets of 5.  If you’re a “Julep Maven“, you can purchase this kit for $22.40 (plus free shipping).  Essentially, the Julep Maven program is a monthly subscription service which costs $19.99 a month, and allows you the option to skip the months where nail polish and beauty products aren’t in your budget.  You can view the products selected for you, (based on a survey that assesses your style), and then choose if you’d like to keep them, choose a different set of products, or skip the month.  Additional benefits include free shipping on all Julep products (even to Canada!), 20% off your orders, and exclusive Maven-only products and sales (I purchased this kit during an exclusive sale for $19.99).  For every consecutive monthly box you accept, you earn points that can be redeemed for free items.  While Julep is famous for their nail polish and manicure tools, they also offer makeup and body care items as well.   Interested?  Sign up here

If you want to purchase this set, but aren’t looking to sign up as a Maven, you can grab it for $28.00 here (and get the refill kit here).

Want to see a review of one of my monthly Julep Maven boxes?  Already a Julep Maven? Let me know, below!


  1. I love that there’s finally a product for this! I’ve always just soaked a piece of a cotton round in polish remover, placed it on the nail and wrapped the nail in foil. Works great but I love the idea of an all-in-one kit!

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