Supermodel in a Bottle?! Victoria’s Secret Rockin’ Body Perfecting Cream

Rockin Body Perfecting Cream

I know what you’re thinking…another gimmick that claims to make you instantly look like a model (even more, a Victoria’s Secret one). I thought so to, but just to be sure, I purchased this highly-coveted and recently re-released body lotion. It retails for $14.00, but you can find it on websites, such as Ebay or Amazon, selling for much more (because up until recently it was a limited edition product).

Essentially, Victoria’s Secret Rockin’ Body Perfecting Cream is a tinted lotion with subtle shimmer that claims to even out tone, moisturize skin (with vitamin E and shea butter), and give your body that “supermodel glow” (courtesy of diamond powder).

I recently attended an event (one that was a little fancier than my typical pajamas-and-a-movie kind of night), and felt it was the perfect opportunity to try this product out. Aside from smelling amazing, it applied evenly and had a nice, subtle finish. My original concern was that I would look like a Twilight character due to too much shimmer, but I was pleasantly surprised. The only downside is that the product is quite thick, and so while it is very moisturizing, I needed to use a fair amount to cover my arms and legs (you can use it on your décolleté as well). The lotion also has a perfect amount of tint to it, so you won’t have to worry about looking like a faux-tan gone wrong. I was also happy to see that not a single bit of product transferred onto my clothes throughout the night (I waited 5 minutes after applying prior to getting dressed, just to be safe).

All in all, I can’t say that I’ll be a supermodel any time soon (I’m 5’4” and enjoy carbs way too much), but I can say that this product is a great alternative to pantyhose, and gives a similar even-toned look. Definitely recommend!


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