Fab New Find: Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure

imPress Manicure

When I used to think of press-on nails, I always pictured the sticker nails that little kids use.  You know…the kind that last 5 minutes and then fall off.  Notice I said “used to“, because I ladies and gentleman, am a changed woman.  I decided to test out my imPress Manicure on a Sunday night, and see how far into the week I could get before they a) fell off, or b) effected my daily activities.  I tried the style “Over the Moon“, a fun, leopard-style pattern in hot pink and purple.  Can we also talk about how adorable the packaging is?  Made to look like a bottle of nail polish, one package includes 24 press-on nails in 12 sizes, as well as a small nail file and a prep-pad to get your nails ready for their manicure.  Prices range based on whether you choose a single colour ($8.99) or a patterned set ($10.99).  You can purchase them at a variety of stores including WalMart, Target and Loblaws.  I’m thoroughly “imPress-ed” (too cheesy?) by the application, wear, and removal of this product.  Keep reading to learn more about why you’ll love them too.


The amount of time it takes to apply a full set of these nails is less than the time it takes to paint, dry, and clean up the edges when using liquid polish (I usually end up painting a lot more than just my nails…oops!).  You start by using the mini nail file and prep-pad to prepare your nails: you’ll want to use the pad to remove any oil and residue from your nails.  Next, you’ll need to find the right size nail for each finger.  I have to admit that I applied my nails in a dim-lit room, and found myself thinking, “they should number the nails so that you only have to size your one hand, and then simply find the matching numbers for the other”.  I thought I was a genius, until I was in daylight and realized…there was in fact a number the inside-top of each nail.  My only piece of feedback for imPress would be to indicate this on the package.  After determining which sizes you’ll be using, you simply peel off the back of each nail and place it over your natural nail (close to your cuticle, pressing firmly).  The package suggests applying both thumb-nails last, which worked perfectly for me.  And voila! You’ve got yourself a glossy, professional manicure that required no drying time or cleanup!


As I said, I applied these nails on a Sunday, and instantly I was receiving compliments: “how long did it take you to paint them like that?”, “how did you do that?”, “I love the colours!”.  People were surprised to learn that they weren’t my real nails, which brings me to another thing I love about this product: the length.  I have always preferred my nails at a shorter length, and was so excited to find that these looked (and felt) incredibly natural.  However, if you’re looking for a longer length, they are available as well.

Over the span of 7 days (yes, a full week),  I wore them to work, the gym, shopping, and when showering, and these babies did not budge.  They’re also flexible, so they won’t crack or break when you’re typing or carrying out your daily activities. Until the moment I removed them, they still could have passed for almost a fresh manicure, (save for a single edge that was starting to fade).


Given that these nails lasted so long and held on so well, I had some reservations about the damage that could be done to my nails when removing them.  The package suggests simply peeling them off from side to side, or applying nail polish remover around the edges, waiting a minute, and then peeling off.  I was feeling brave, so I decided to go with the first method, sans nail polish remover.  I was surprised by 2 things: 1. how easily they came off, given how resilient they’d been, and 2. I had absolutely no damage to my nails.  In total, removal took me less than 2 minutes (including the time it took to walk them to garbage can).

While I wore mine for a full week, I can’t help but think how much fun these would also be for a special event (prom or weddings, anyone?).  The convenience alone makes these an incredible value for money (you can basically get two manicures for $10.99).  The available colours and patterns are what make them even more fun.  I highly recommend giving these nails a try, and if you do, be sure to let me know how “imPress-ed” you are in the comments, below!

FTC: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.  All comments/opinions are honest and are my own.


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