When Designers Do Drugstore: Kleenex and Isaac Mizrahi

Photos courtesy of Kleenex.com

Photos courtesy of Kleenex.com

I was grocery shopping the other day when I remembered I needed a new box of Kleenex for my desk. I casually strolled down the household goods aisle and waited for a tissue box to catch my eye. I think I may have yelped out loud in excitement (both dramatic and embarrassing!) when I noticed “Isaac Mizrahi” printed across the top of a fun, reptile-printed box. The store I was shopping at offered only a couple of designs from the line, but as soon as I got home, I Googled to learn more about the fun collaboration between Kleenex and Isaac. Here’s what Isaac Mizrahi had to say when asked by Ok! Magazine about his new partnership: “The idea… is that this incredible brand, Kleenex, which is 90-years-old, and my brand are getting together to create this product which, somehow, enables a woman to express herself even on that level.”

Personally, I love when companies take ordinary, everyday items, and give shoppers the opportunity to choose a “style” they can identify with. The collection includes various shaped boxes/package sizes (oval, square, Go Pack, Slim Pack, hand towels) and fun prints and patterns that Isaac says he aligned with his new collection: “The thing that I was thinking is that it should somehow relate to my spring collection.  And a lot of the patterns, prints, and colors that I do lend themselves really well to these types of products. So what we did was take our favorite prints and adapted them, whether it’s the tile print, floral print, or that kind of abstract animal print.” (Ok! Magazine).

Here’s the reptile pattern that initially caught my eye (and that ended up coming home with me). Isaac actually identified this as one of his favorite styles from his collection. He states that this pattern is not only a great unisex choice, it also embodies “soft geometry” “animal print” and “is distinguished” (Kleenex.com): if that doesn’t make you want it, I don’t know what will!



Check out the Kleenex website here to learn more about Isaac Mizrahi and his fun collection, and play a game of “Catwalk or Kleenex” to receive a coupon for your next Kleenex purchase!

Photo courtesy of Kleenex.com

Photo courtesy of Kleenex.com

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