Buying on a Budget: Neutral Open-Toe Booties

Budget Booties

When it comes to footwear, I’ll usually only ever splurge (or “invest”) in pairs that I will wear every day (such as my favourite leather pumps I mentioned here).  If I’m eyeing a pair of shoes that are more on the trendy “here-today-gone-tomorrow” side, I’ll do my best to find the most affordable version of them.  A lot of the time, a certain designer will kick-start a trend, and then lower-priced retailers will create their own versions (such as Payless Shoe Source).  If you’re only going to be wearing the shoes occasionally for a season or two, does it really matter if they don’t have a brand name marked on their soles?  Nope.  My advice: buy the more affordable version, save your money, and “invest” in some of the products mentioned in my bi-monthly favourites (shameless blog plug, I know).

I recently visited Kmart and spotted these “Anya” open toe, button back ankle booties.  The picture above shoes them as a dark brown, but in real life they are more of a camel colour (they also come in black).  Not only were these babies under $30.00, they also applied for the BOGO (buy one get one 50% off) promotion (which I took full advantage of).  They are comfortable, good quality (and vegan), and look extremely similar to Steve Madden’s version (Nonstp) which retail for over $100.00! 



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