Gift Guide Day 7: Aromatherapy for your Commute

GG 2015-7

Today’s gift is a unique spin on the car air freshener.  The Aura Car Diffusion System from Fruits & Passion diffuses your favourite fragrances in your vehicle for up to 50 hours.  Simply plug the unit into your car cigar lighter receptacle (angling at 90 degrees), place a Car Scented Wax Capsule into the unit, and turn it on.  Choose from a variety of scent capsules, including the one pictured above in “Frosted Birch” (notes of birch, cotton, and jasmine).  No need to worry about wax spilling in your car, thanks to micro-perforated film.  It’s like having the comfort of a cozy candle during your commute, without the whole open-flame fire hazard issue (it’s also much more modern than a cardboard tree hanging from your rear view mirror).  The Aura Car Diffusion System comes in black and white, and you can purchase the unit plus a was capsule for less than $20.00.

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