WhatDidSheFind Gift Guide: Day Twenty

Photo and logos as seen on

Photo and logos as seen on

Today’s gift spreads love and joy to more than just a single friend or family member.  For every one of these fun storage pouches sold,  150 litres of clean water is provided to a person in a “Free the Children” community overseas.  And, if you’re curious as to where in the world you’ve changed someone’s life for the better, simply enter the code found on the tag at “”.  These storage pouches come in three different styles, (the one above is my personal favourite), and measure 6.5 X 9 inches, making them perfect for everything from pens and pencils to makeup.  You can purchase them in-store or online (limited styles available online) at Staples for $8.98 CDN.  

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Beauty, delivered. Ipsy Glam Bag Subscription


There’s nothing quite like coming home to a pretty, shiny, girly pink envelope waiting for you in your mailbox.  Even more exciting? It’s filled with beauty products!  Glam Bag is a monthly subscription service that sends you 5 customized body, hair, and makeup goodies, all inside a cute makeup bag (that is different every month!).  I’ve subscribed to this service for a few months now, and am very impressed witIpsy Pinkh the quality and size of the products I’ve received, as well as the fast and affordable shipping.  Not only is this service like a monthly adult goodie bag, it’s also a great way to try out new products without making a big commitment or spending money to purchase the full size versions.  Even better, if you do like a product in your Glam Bag, you also receive discount/coupon codes to purchase the full size online (note that because this is a service out of the United States, not all coupon codes can be used on Canadian orders).  To get started, you complete a short, fun survey on your style, which then determines which products you’ll get sent.  Not a fan of the products you received? No problem.  Simply re-complete the survey anytime.  For only $10.00/month (plus $4.95 shipping to Canada), this service is definitely worth trying out.  Interested? Sign up here.  

My October Glam Bag:

Ipsy 2

1. Zoya Nail Polish in “Neve” 15ml FULL SIZE

Value: $8.00

This nail polish is a beautiful purple/royal blue colour that’s perfect for every season!  I was thrilled to find this in my bag this month!  Zoya is a higher-end nail polish line that is often compared to Essie or OPI.

2. Coastal Scents Medium Shadow Brush FULL SIZE

Value: $2.50

Coastal Scents products are extremely popular worldwide, but are not sold in retail stores in Canada (you can have them shipped, however).  Glam Bag is a great way to try products that otherwise are hard/impossible to find here!   This brush is perfect for blending or applying shadow to the crease.

3. Nourish Organic Coconut & Argan Body Lotion 1oz (Full size is 8oz)

Value: $1.25

If you like tropical vacations, summer nights, and pina coladas (I think I ‘ve covered just about everyone), then you’ll love the scent of this body lotion. It spreads evenly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.

4.  Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Emotion 2.0g (Full size is 2.5g)

Value: $12.00

Not only is this eye shimmer a beautiful goldy-purple tone, it also applies and spreads perfectly, with little fallout.  It’s a great colour for fall, and goes especially well with brown or green eyes.

5. Style Sexy Hair Spray Clay 1.4oz (Travel Size)

Value: $8.00

I have never tried this product before, and am excited to see how it works.  I’ve heard good things about these types of products, as they help create texture in the hair without looking greasy.  Who knows? Maybe it will end up in my next “hair favourites“!

Total Product Value: $31.75

Added Value: Makeup Bag (How cute is the saying on this month’s bag?!)

The most beautiful makeup for a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy. ~Yves Saint Laurent


Beauty Deals for $3.00 or Less: Dollarama Haul!

Dollarama BeautyGone are the days you only visited a dollar store when you needed bristol board for a school project (admit it, it was the night before it was due!), or wrapping paper for a friend’s birthday gift.  Yes, you still can find both of those things, but now, you can also score some serious brand-name beauty deals too!   On a recent trip to Dollarama, I purchased some great beauty products (and took pictures of others) that I wanted to share with you.  Keep in mind that product options and availability may vary store-to-store, but that just makes the hunt more fun!  Everything was $3.00 or less, making it not only affordable, but also a great opportunity to try out products I might never have thought of purchasing before.

  1. L’Oreal Colour Riche Le Gloss in “Cinnamon Spiced”- $3.00

IMG_1605It’s hard to tell in the picture, but this lip gloss is a beautiful bronzey-gold colour with subtle shimmer.  One great thing about only paying a few dollars for a product, is that it is fairly low-risk.  If you don’t like it, you have the satisfaction of knowing you didn’t spend an arm and a leg on it!  I had trouble finding this specific colour online, as I’m pretty sure it was discontinued (hence why it is so low/well priced), but the newer collection of these glosses retails for up to $11.00 online!

2. Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen AND Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen- $3.00

IMG_1590These extremely well-priced nail polish pens are fantastic.  I painted my nails using one of the Color Quick Pens, in the colour “Smoke” (a deep grey), and it lasted 5 days before I needed to touch it up.  And, when touch up time comes, the pen style applicator makes it super easy to fix any chips or smudges.  I’d never tried any of these pens before, (as they normally retail for upwards of $8.00 each!), but the $3.00 price tag convinced me to give it a go.  After trying them, I`d say they are even worth the more expensive price (though I`m definitely not complaining that you can get them for less!).  Whenever I apply nail polish with a normal bottle/brush applicator, I usually end up with it all over my hands (or at least one of them: clearly, I`m  not ambidextrous), however I found that the pen applied cleanly and easily.  Don`t forget to add some fancy-shmancy designs using the Nail Art Pen, too!

3. Almay Intense I-Color Satin-I Kit- $3.00


After finding this at Dollarama, I then saw it in the Wal Mart flyer a few days later priced at over $7.00!  Though this kit is marketed as a product for hazel-coloured eyes, I personally would wear all of the colours as well (and I have brown eyes).  A great thing about Almay products is that they are hypoallergenic, so you won`t have to worry about any adverse reactions or breakouts.  It also comes with an applicator, though I only recommend using it if your travelling or in a pinch.  Instead, use the Elf brushes I found at the dollar store, up next!

4. Assorted e.l.f. Makeup Brushes- $1.50


e.l.f. (Eyes, Lips, Face) brushes have always been well priced, but the hard part for the longest time was finding them here in Canada.  I purchased my set of e.l.f. brushes a few years ago from Winners, and they are still going strong today (usually the glue in lower-priced brushes weakens and it causes them to shed and disintegrate fairly quickly).  e.l.f. is known for making good quality beauty products at affordable prices (and price ranges).  For example, there are currently 2 main tiers of brushes made by e.l.f.: Studio and Essentials.  Studio brushes are typically all black, come in black packaging, and are a higher quality, somewhat higher-priced line that is for the more serious makeup fanatic.  Their Essentials line is less expensive, and provides the basics for everyday makeup wearers, or those who are just starting out with their collection.  Both of the brushes shown above are from the essentials collection, and are a great deal!  These are also perfect for your travel makeup bag because you don`t need to worry if they get damaged or lost en route.

5.  Revlon Nail Art FrenchMix Nail Enamel AND Nicole by OPI Nail Polish- $3.00 


Chances are, if you`re a fan of OPI nail polishes, you`re also a fan of their lower-priced Nicole by OPI line.  Typically, these polishes sell for about $6.00-$7.00, but you can find a wide array of colours and finishes for just $3.00 at Dollarama (they even have the textured finish line)!  Another cool nail product you can find is the dual-ended polish wand by Revlon, which includes 2 colours that can be worn alone or together to create designs or French manicures (hence the name, FrenchMix).  The one I purchased, above, is called Over the Moon, and if you Google it you`ll see a variety of designs that people have created using these 2 colours (and other combinations).

So, what are you waiting for?! Find that loose change under those couch cushions or beneath your car floor mats.  A cup of coffee or new makeup? I know which one I`d choose!…

3 Products to Wear Everyday (and Everywhere)!

3 products1. Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in “Black Honey”

I have been using Clinique’s Superbalm Gloss in the colorless formula for years, so when I came across the “Black Honey” version ($19.00 +tax) in Sephora recently, I thought I’d give it a try.  Mostly, I was intrigued by the claim on the sign next to the product, stating that this specific colour flatters nearly every skin tone.  I bought it, tried it once, and fell in love with it.  In the tube, it is a little intimidating (Clinique describes it as a “deep blackened raisin”), but on your lips, it presents itself as a beautiful berry colour.  I promise you that you’ll be able to wear this colour with almost any outfit, on any day.  I have paired it with everything from a dark-smoky eye, to just a little bit of mascara.  Another awesome benefit? The gloss itself is moisturizing and lasts a really long time.  According to the product description on Sephora’s website, Clinique Superbalm, “Instantly relieves dryness while protecting lips with antioxidants and providing sheer, high-shine color that lasts”.  Not a fan of the glossy look? Clinque has also developed other products with the same fab colour: nail polish, lipstick, even eye shadow and gel eyeliner.  Check them all out on Clinque’s website here, or you can purchase them at Sephora, here.

2. Nars Blush in “Orgasm”

It’s sort of ironic that most of us “blush” when we ask for this product by name at makeup counters, but once you try it, you’ll never be embarrassed to ask for it again!  This beautiful shimmery pinky-peach shade is raved about by makeup artists, celebrities, and everyday people alike.  It has just the right amount of shimmer (so you won’t look like a disco ball!), and the subtle, glowy colour and finish flatter a wide range of skin tones.  Because of this, I pretty much stopped all use of my other blushes as soon as I purchased it.  The price tag may seem a little unreasonable to some, ($32.00 +tax), but if you figure that this may be the only blush you’ll ever need on a day-to-day basis, it could definitely be justified.  Again, this colour is extremely popular, and Nars has expanded the line to include nail polish, lip gloss, illuminator, and a “multiple” (essentially a product that can multi-task for face and body).  You can purchase these products at Sephora, here.

3. Physicians Formula Eyebrightener Multi-Colored Eyelighter in “Hint of Taupaz”

Last but not least on my list of 3 products to wear everyday, is this beautiful, earth-toned eye shadow by Physicans Formula (notorious for their hypoallergenic makeup and skincare).  According to their website, this product is said to brighten dark or dull eyelid area with subtle hints of pearlescent color.  Depending on where you purchase this product, it can rage from $8.00-$16.00.  I actually purchased mine years ago and rediscovered it recently.  I’ve worn this eye shadow on it’s own for weeks in a row and haven’t got bored of it yet (and I’m normally a multi-colour, base, crease, highlight kind of girl!).  The colour is predominant enough to give you a soft glowy “I-just-stepped-off-a-Greek-island” kind of look, while subtle enough to pair with a bold, bright lipstick without competing.  This colour is becoming increasingly hard to find here in Canada (you can try Shoppers Drug Mart or Wal Mart), but if you’re unsuccessful, they do carry it in the United States at CVS, here.   Now, if bronzey-brown tones aren’t really your thing, this product also comes in a more neutral colour, called “Natural Eyelight” that you can find online here in Canada.

In the end, all of these products claim to match and flatter nearly every skin tone, and in my personal experience, they haven’t failed. If you’re purchase all 3, you really only need to add a good foundation (or tinted moisturizer), and some mascara, and you have your full daily makeup routine (and one that you can bring from day to night)!