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When life gives you lemons…

I first learned of ILYMIX when I came about their account on Instagram, and was drawn to their pictures of beautiful, bold statement necklaces and earrings.  This one in particular stood out to me: it’s bright, fun, and kind of reminds me of something Kate Spade would release.  I love the adorable lemons and lemon slices paired with starfishes and pearls (I mean, it pretty much screams Summer).

I paired mine with a J.Crew Factory sweater, American Eagle jeggings, and Payless Shoe Source pumps (shown below).

I definitely recommend checking out ILYMIX.  Their products are reasonably priced, ship quickly, and are of good quality.  There are tons of other items on my wishlist, from sunglasses, to scarves, to bracelets (and how cute is this watermelon clutch!?).  If you’re interested in making a purchase, ILYMIX has generously offered to give my readers 20% off your purchase: just use the code Elyse20.  Happy shopping!

*Note: Necklace provided for consideration.  All thoughts and opinions are honest and are my own.

Gift Guide Day 2: The Perfect (Pink) Coffee Table Book

GG 2015-2

For me, books have always been fascinating.  They are read and enjoyed, perhaps one day past along to someone new, and come to have not only their own story to tell (the one between the pages), but also those of the lives it has touched along the way (deep, I know).  In fact, it fascinates me so much, that I have my own personal collection of old books with strangers’ signatures and well-wishes on the inside covers.  So much history and so much mystery: I love it.

So naturally, I’ve chosen to add a book to the gift guide this year, and it’s one that’s perfect for your girlfriends, mother, sister, and beyond (it’s also a perfect housewarming present!).  All in Good Taste from Kate Spade New York is a gorgeous pink hardcover book (yes, that wine stain is intentional!) that shares fun recipes, how-to’s, personal essays, and more.  Topics covered include: how to shuck an oyster, the proper way to set the table, how to write the perfect thank-you note to the party hostess, what to have on-hand for your at-home bar, and Instagram etiquette at dinner.  This book is fun to read, but is also a great conversation piece to have on your coffee table or bookshelf.  Just write a cute note on the inside, place a bow on the outside, and gift!

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The Ultimate Girls Giveaway!

Ultimate Giveaway

I’ve teamed up with some awesome bloggers for an Ultimate Girls Giveaway (trust me, you won’t want to miss this!).


The amazing prize includes:

-A Kate Spade Wesley Park Natalie Bag

-A Tory Burch Fit Bit Bangle

-A Kate Spade Bow Bangle

Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anita Neutral

-A black and white heart printed scarf


How To Enter: 

Follow me on Instagram and follow the loop to enter (instructions below the giveaway picture on Instagram), and for a bonus entry, enter using this Rafflecopter link!


Good Luck!

WhatDidSheFind Gift Guide: Day Fifteen

Photos and logos as seen on Chapters.Indigo.ca

Photos and logos as seen on Chapters.Indigo.ca

They say the best gifts are the ones that people will actually use, and what better gift than one they’ll use all year long? I don’t know about you, but even with a smartphone, I still rely on a pen-and-paper agenda to organize my life.  Not only are these Kate Spade planners compact and purse-friendly (durable), they’re also extremely chic and come in a variety of designs.  You can purchase these online or in-store at Chapters/Indigo for around $30.00 each (they come in a larger size as well).  You’ll also receive free shipping on any online order over $25.00.  Hardcover with tabbed monthly sections, these agendas span from August 2014 to December 2015, allowing the “giftee” to start using them right away.  Shown above (from left to right) are: “Gold Dots”“Black Stripe”, “Bookshelf” (my favourite), and “Ikat”.

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Girly Goodies from Chapters!

Chapters Haul

If you know me, (or have read my “About Me” page), you know that while I’m not currently practicing, I am a licenced teacher.  An awesome perk of this, is being able to take advantage of various teacher discounts and sales, such as the one Chapters is hosting this weekend (30% off almost all regular priced items, plus bargain books; in store only).

I purchased some items I’ve been eyeing for a while (and others that just happened to catch my eye while shopping)! Check them out below!

1.   Kate Spade New York Acrylic Straws- Assorted Colours

I recently purchased a re-usable plastic drinking tumbler, and no sooner did I get it home, I dropped it off my counter. Luckily, the tumbler remained unscathed, but sadly, the straw inside smashed to pieces.  However, my tears are dry, as I now have these awesome Kate Spade straws to use as replacements! The package comes with 6 straws in different colours, and each straw has a different saying on it: “Spike the punch”, “Laugh out loud”, “Dance til dawn”, “Strike a pose”, “Make it a double”, and “Life of the party”.  They also have the Kate Spade logo on the bottom of each of them.  They are 100% reusable, and are recommended “hand wash only”.  Let’s be honest, drinking water is that much more appealing when it comes through a fun (designer) straw!

2.  The 7 Year Pen in “Notes to Self”

This is one of the items I’ve been eyeing for a while; I just can’t seem to fathom that a pen could possibly last 7 years!  The packaging states that the pen is able to write 1.7 meters a day for 7 years, thanks to its large ink cartridge and long-life tip.  I felt the sale was the perfect time to test it out, and purchased the turquoise version that says “Notes to Self” on the clip.  Provided I can avoid pen thieves (unlikely), I’m excited to write with this for many years to come!

3.  Spiral Notebook “Chalkboard”

The other day, when forced to write on unlined printer paper, I realized I needed a new notebook.  And, just as I have a love for graphic tees adorned with fun and inspiring quotes, I’ve now learned I also love them on notebooks, too.  I’m especially fond of the quote on this spiral notebook, “Creativity is intelligence having fun” (Albert Einstein).  It also works out perfectly that I now have a pen to fill up the blank pages (though sadly, I’m thinking the pen will likely outlive the notebook).

4. #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

This is a book that’s been on my “to read” list for a few months.  For those of you who don’t already know, Sophia Amoruso is the founder, CEO, and creative director of Nasty Gal, an online fashion retailer.  The following is the synopsis, as written on the Chapters website: “#GIRLBOSS includes Sophia’s story, yet is infinitely bigger than Sophia. It’s deeply personal yet universal. Filled with brazen wake-up calls (“You are not a special snowflake”), cunning and frank observations (“Failure is your invention”), and behind-the-scenes stories from Nasty Gal’s meteoric rise, #GIRLBOSS covers a lot of ground. It proves that being successful isn’t about how popular you were in high school or where you went to college (if you went to college). Rather, success is about trusting your instincts and following your gut, knowing which rules to follow and which to break.”

5.  “Nail Polish” Highlighters (Not currently online)

At first sight, they look like small bottles of nail polish, but a closer look shows they’ll work perfectly for highlighting your favourite quotes in #GIRLBOSS (see it all coming together?).  These are the ultimate girly desk-accessory (and, for $1.00, you can’t really go wrong!).

My Picks: Stocking Stuffers and Girly Holiday Gifts!

Dear Santa

The holiday season has officially started, and while you’re shopping for those on your nice list,  you can’t forget to add things you love to that wish list of yours!  I’ve put together a few of my favourite items this year, some of which I already own, and others that I’m hoping Santa has in stock for me in his workshop.  Luckily, most of these items are small, and budget friendly, so not only will they fit easily in Santa’s bag, they’re also great ideas for your girlfriends or loved ones.   Let’s get to it!

1.  Julep “In a Pinch” $22.00

Personally, I think this set is brilliant.  Probably, because on numerous occasions I’ve found myself at work or at a special event with chipped nail polish and am forced to tediously, and quickly, pick it off my nails (am I alone on this one?).  This set is perfect for leaving at your desk, and is small enough to fit in your daily tote or purse.  It comes with 3 packages of nail polish remover wipes (1 is enough to remove the polish from both hands), hand cream, and Julep’s signature “Oxygen Nail Treatment”, which conditions nails while covering them in a universally-flattering pink-toned glaze.

2. Essie “On a Silver Platter” Nail Polish $8.00

A part of their new “Encrusted Treasures” holiday collection for 2013, this polish is stunning and is definitely a statement maker.  It’s flashy, holographic, yet surprisingly wearable.  I am aware of my addiction to nail polish, and the fact that I tend to buy more than I could possibly ever wear in a lifetime, yet I find myself needing this colour. You do too.

3. Tiffany & Co. Playing Cards $35.00

I don’t think there is anything quite like the elegance and simplicity of the Tiffany box.  The downside? The expensive price tags of the items that are usually inside. Not only is this set of playing cards a fun gift for a friend (who doesn’t like unwrapping a Tiffany’s box?), it solves the problem of “I can’t find the deck of cards in the junk drawer”, or the “I only have a 42 card deck because I didn’t use an elastic” dilemma.  Now, you can store them all together in a cute box on top of your dresser or coffee table, and no one ever has to know that it’s not a diamond necklace hiding inside.

4. Acrylic Monogram Keychain $19.95

It’s time to retire that old keychain you got at the zoo 3 years ago, and ask Santa for something a little more chic and grown up.  Plus, who doesn’t love receiving something personalized?  Not only are these key chains adorable, they are affordable enough to buy for each of your friends.  They come in wide range of colours, and if you order right now, Christmas delivery is guaranteed (and free!).  I’ve mentioned the company My Name Necklace in a previous post; check out their other items, they make great gift ideas too!

5. Clinique Black Honey Beauty Set $25.00

If you’ve read my previous posts, I think it’s already pretty clear that I’m obsessed with Clinique’s Black Honey line (I’ve talked about it here and here).  Universally flattering and beautifully formulized, this set allows you to try a few of the products in line, without the commitment or need to buy the full sizes (though you do get a full sized lipstick).  Ask for this set for yourself, or find comfort in knowing that whoever you buy it for, the colour will almost certainly work for them.  Note: though it is not currently on their website, this product is available in store at Sephora.

6.  Book Page Jewelry by The Unwritten Word $19.50-$45.53

I recently discovered this line at a outdoor holiday market, and the minute I saw it, I couldn’t get over how genius the idea was.  Almost everyone has a classic book that’s close to their heart, and now you can literally wear it around your neck (or wrist).  The artist uses pages from novels such as The Great Gatsby, Pride and Prejudice, and Romeo and Juliet, and turns them into beautiful earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.  Well made, and extremely well priced, this is the perfect gift for the book lover in your family or circle of friends.

7.  Kate Spade New York All Occasion Card Set $35.00

How many times have you ripped your house or desk apart searching for a card for a last minute event, or a forgotten (oops!) birthday? This boxed set ensures you’ll always have one handy, as well as an organized system for storing and organizing the cards for various events…and did I mention that it’s by Kate Spade?! (If you can’t afford to give her a Kate Spade purse, these gorgeous cards are a close second!)  Also, much like the Tiffany box, you’ll get that “ohhh” factor when she opens this luxe designer set (followed by a huge bear hug, I’m sure). It’ll look great on your desk too!

8.  Mark “On the Dot” Neutral Eye Colour Compact $16.00

When you’re wrapping this up for a friend (or yourself), you’re giving them the gift of convenience (and gorgeousness, of course!).  This is the perfect eye shadow compact for travel or for your purse. It includes 9 neutral shades that can be worn every day, every where.  They are highly pigmented and come in a hard case to minimize the risk of shattering.  Not really a neutral tone kind of girl?  Check out the Smokey Eye or Bold Eye versions instead!

9. Truche Province/State/Country Necklaces $23.00-$60.00

When it comes to jewelry, we show the love for our initials, pictures, and favourite stones.  But what about showing some love to that amazing province or state of yours?!  These awesome necklaces come in a variety of materials and tones, and are sure to be a conversation starter.  If jewelry isn’t your thing, be sure to check out the artist’s ornaments as well!

   Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness ~ Richard Back