#DealOfTheDay: Jessica Simpson Leopard Pumps

I took my first trip to Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW), a US retailer who recently opened its doors in Canada. As you may have guessed by the name, DSW is known for having designer shoes at warehouse prices.  The store I visited was quite large, had great selection, and was well organized.  The prices were reasonable, and as a deal hunter, I was pleasantly surprised to find a sale section at the back of the store, even with it having been recently opened.  It was there that I was able to score these Jessica Simpson “Venita 2” leopard pumps, (made of printed pony hair and stretch fabric, with a 4-inch heel), for just a fraction of the retail price.  Typically, these pumps sell for $130.00 CDN, however DSW had them marked down to $79.99, and then an additional 70% off, making these beauties just $23.88!  The elastic fabric makes these shoes surprisingly comfortable to wear, and the leopard print is perfect for Fall’s warmer color palette. Love!

November/December Favourites

November December Favourites
It’s hard to believe that 2015 is just around the corner (a.k.a: tomorrow).  From smooth skin, to the perfect blowout, to a beautifully scented room, November and December have introduced me to some awesome beauty and fashion items, which are sure to help start the new year off right.  Here we go!

1. Mac Lipstick in “Rebel” $19.00  

I had heard great things about this lipstick, and was lucky enough to receive it as a Christmas gift this year.  The colour is perfection and I love the way it changes depending on the amount you apply: a rich purple if applied with a heavier hand, and a pretty pinkish-berry colour if applied thinly.  Long lasting and with a satin finish, this lipstick is surprisingly wearable (don’t be scared by the colour in the tube!).  There’s a reason it’s a Mac best seller (and I now know why)!

2. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment $18.00

When it comes to hair care products, I tend to have my tried-and-true: I’m not super adventurous.  I received this product in sample format from Sephora, and decided to give it a try.  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much: how can one product really make your blow-dried hair look any better?  Well, it turns out it can.  This product is oil and silicone free, so it is weightless and doesn’t look greasy, and my after using it, my hair looked voluminous, polished, and much less frizzy than normal.  Fun fact: after trying and loving Living Proof products, Jennifer Aniston became a co-owner!

3. Scentsy Deluxe Warmer in “Leopard” $36.00

I was recently invited to a Scentsy party, and was excited to purchase my very first warmer.  After debating between 3 warmers, (including the Vintage Teapot and Paris warmers), I decided on the Leopard one.  There are a number of things I love about these warmers, and I use mine nearly every day.  First, they’re safe: no need to worry about an open flame, or forgetting to blow it out.  They’re also effective: one scent cube lasts around 8 hours and really does fill the entire room with fragrance.  Some of my favourite scents?  Satin Sheets, Vanilla Suede, Business Casual (think: a man’s cologne), and Sugar (which smells exactly like Pink Sugar perfume).

4. Tarte Prismatic Eye Color Enhancing Shadow Palette For Rich Brown Eyes $14.00

Initially, this palette was a bit of an impulse-purchase when Sephora had their “extra 20% off sale items” event.  On sale for $17.00 (already a great deal), I purchased this for around $13.60 after the extra 20% off.  The colours in this palette are beautiful: rich, pigmented, and yes, they really do make brown eyes “pop”.  While it is no longer available on the Sephora website, Tarte does offer similar colours if you’re interested in re-creating this palette.  I highly recommend it!

5. Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream $9.97

I received this product in my Spark Sessions gift bag, and have been using it daily ever since.  In just as little as 5 days, you’ll notice your skin is more hydrated, illuminated, even, and firm.  It applies smoothly, smells great (a mix of floral and musky notes), and comes in two tone-matching formulas: one for light skin tones, and one for medium-deep skin tones.

Here’s to many more fashion and beauty favourites in 2015!


Chic for Cheap: Leopard Loafers


Photo on right courtesy of Avon.ca

Photo on right courtesy of Avon.ca

I recently purchased a pair of gorgeous leopard Sperry Top-Sider loafers, (picture above left, or view them hear on Instagram), at the Canadian National Exhibition.  The style name is “Hayden Penny Leopard”, and they are leather with a calf-hair upper, and skid-resistant bottoms.  I purchased them for $60.00 (including taxes).  I’m already a fan of Sperry Top-Siders, and love the quality and durability that comes with owning a pair.

When browsing the latest Avon book, I couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance my Sperry’s have to penny loafers found in the most recent campaign.  For about half the price (currently on sale for $29.99), these are an awesome vegan alternative which are sure to be just as comfortable (they are part of Avon’s “Cushion Walk” line). And, if you’re not into leopard, they also come in classic black!


#Dealoftheday: Heys Leopard Tote

Heys Bag

I found this beauty in a sale bin at Sears last week.  The original price was $85.00,  it was marked down to $62.00, and then I scooped it up for $19.99!  The style name of this bag is “East/West” and it is from Heys’ Safari Collection.  It has 9″ straps, a gold zipper closure, and an adorable “H” logo that hangs down the front.  The look and size of this bag make it the perfect carry-all for work and play!

DIY: Duct Tape Flower Earrings

Duct Tape Earrings

You use duct tape for household repairs and school projects, and so I  know what you’re thinking: “there’s nothing glamorous about duct tape”.  But this fun craft proves otherwise.  In fact, there are a variety of adorable (and grown-up) duct tape crafts that you can find instructions for in books, or on the internet.  Everything from jewelry, to tote bags, to ipad covers, and more! This project is fun, simple, and took me less than half an hour to complete.  You can use these instructions to make earrings, like I did, or make a cute ring instead!  For inspiration, and to check out all the fun patterns and colours of duct tape available, visit the Duck brand website, here.



-A self-repairing cutting mat

-A precision cutter (X-acto knife)

-Flat-post earrings

-Metal barrel earring backs

-Approximately 1 foot of decorative duct-tape (I used the leopard pattern)

Note : I purchased all materials from Michaels craft store

Step 1

Place approximately 1 foot of duct tape on the cutting mat (make sure you line the duct tape up with the measurement guide at the bottom).   Begin by cutting the duct tape in half length-wise, so that you have 2 long strips.  Then begin cutting into 1 inch squares.  You may also find it helpful to use a ruler for this part. Duct Tape

Step 2

Fold over one corner of each square (do not fold entirely in half; you want there to be excess around the edge of the triangle). Duct Tape 2

Step 3

Fold over another corner so that you have a point on the top, and a section of “sticky tape” along the bottom. These are your petals. For each earring, I used about 10-12 petals (around 20-24 in total). Duct Tape 3

Step 4

Begin by rolling one petal into a tube.  This will act as the base to start adding other petals. Duct Tape 4

Step 5

Continue adding petals until you reach your desired “fullness” for your flower. Duct Tape 5

Duct Tape 6

Step 6

Once all your petals have been added, you may want to use scissors and cut the base of your flower down (so that it’s easier to stick to your earring base).  Take an additional 1 inch square and poke the earring base through the center (with the stick of the earring poking out of the patterned side of the duct tape).  Wrap the sticky side of the duct tape around the base of the flower, lining up the earring with the centre.  (If you choose to make a ring instead, simply attach the flower to a plain ring, or make your own using rolled duct tape). Duct Tape 7

Step 7

Pair your earrings with a cute outfit, and get to making extras (for all the requests you’ll receive from friends)!

Duct Tape 3

“I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares” ~Saul Bass