Gift Guide Day 5: A Gift With Meaning

GG 2015-5

I love a personalized gift: one that’s unique and has meaning. Each piece in the Speechlust collection is adorned with an uncommonly used word; one that has a much deeper meaning than it’s few syllables would lead you to believe.  One of my favourites (pictured above) is the Halcyon Necklace.  According to the Speechlust website, Halcyon is defined as: “(adj.) To be calm, peaceful and tranquil. (n.) A mythical bird said to calm the waves of the sea.”  Wearing this necklace can be a reminder, “to slow down and keep perspective. When you take the time to breathe, you’ll realize that, like the waves, this too shall pass”.

You can view a full dictionary of all words offered on the site, and can shop by collection.  Some of my other favourites are the Ikigai and the Heliophile necklaces.  All come on a 22-inch chain, and some styles are offered in beaded versions.  Each necklace also includes a card with the word’s definition (so the person you’re giving it to won’t need to Google after opening!).

I also love Speechlust’s story.  Canadian owner Courtney Chilton was inspired to create Speechlust while traveling in Southeast Asia.  She created the brand having had no background in business, learning as she went along.  I admire that she created her brand purely with passion and a love for what she was doing.  All to often, I think we sell ourselves short because we don’t think this passion is enough.  It is.  Give these necklaces to friends, family members, or significant others, and support a small business while doing so.

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WhatDidSheFind Gift Guide: Day Twenty-Eight

Photos and logo as seen on

Photos and logo as seen on

Another fun, personalized gift idea, is this Sterling Silver Bar Necklace from My Name Necklace Canada.  For just $29.99 CDN, (plus free shipping!), you can engrave any word or name (up to 11 characters), and choose between 5 box-chain lengths (ranging from 35-55 cm).  Be sure to check out the other fun items offered on their site: I’ve blogged about some of them here and here.

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WhatDidSheFind Gift Guide: Day Eleven

Photo as seen on

Photo as seen on

Let’s admit it: a cute name doesn’t hurt when trying to pick out a shade of nail polish.  Pretty Please Nail Polish allows you to personalize your shade by giving it a fun, customized name.  Simply choose one of the 25 colours on their website, come up with a name (up to 2 lines of 14 characters each, which gets put onto the front of the bottle), and purchase. One bottle of polish costs $12.00 US, and the price decreases with the more bottles you purchase (of the same name and colour).  The polish is cruelty free, vegan friendly, and made in the USA.  These would make great holiday party favours, placeholders at the dinner table, stocking stuffers, or a fun gift to exchange with friends (why not make a full “line” of nail polish inspired by inside jokes, experiences, or vacations?).

Sample created on

Sample created on

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What’s in a name? Affordable Personalized Name Nacklaces

Name Necklace

A few years back, after seeing Carrie’s customized name necklace (and my other  celebrities alike), I was determined to get one for myself.  However, after researching and seeing that most were between $200.00-$300.00, I was thrilled to find (there’s now even a website too).  This company offers great quality, beautiful pieces for a fraction of the cost of other vendors.  Better yet? They even have free shipping, and often have promo codes to save 10% to 20% off!Carrie

I purchased the “Carrie Style Name Necklace” in sterling silver for less than $40.00.  I loved it so much that I went back and purchased another in rose gold.  My only piece of advice would be that you should be sure to take it off when showering/bathing and avoid spraying it with perfume, as it can weaken the metal between the letters, causing it to slightly bend or break.  A solution to this, if you prefer leaving your jewelry on 24-7, is that they offer “double strength” versions of their necklaces (slightly more expensive).  If you treat these necklaces well, they’ll last forever (I’m proof!).

I’ve also purchased the “Sterling Silver Monogramed Necklace” (under $50.00).  A tip when ordering a 3 letter monogramed item: your last initial always goes in the middle, followed by your first initial on the left, and your middle initial on the right.  (Example: if your name was Sarah Margaret Jones, your monogram would be sJm.)

Be sure to check out their website as they offer gorgeous rings, key chains, earrings, and more in a variety of colours, materials, and styles! (How awesome are these Acrylic Monogram Earrings, and Leather Wrap Bracelet?!)

See something you love? Use promo code “gift” for 10% off!