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Advertising Gets Real: #AerieREAL

*All photos courtesy of

*All photos courtesy of

Aerie (American Eagle’s lingerie and loungewear line) recently announced that they will no longer be retouching their models in an effort to encourage women to love their bodies, no matter what size or shape.  As part of this initiative, they have also invited women to tag their “real beauty” Twitter and Instagram pictures with the hashtag “#AerieREAL” (by doing so, you also have the chance to be featured on their website).

It is so refreshing to browse the Aerie website and find real, untouched women who are happy and confident, even with what some might see as “imperfections”.  At the end of the day, almost every woman has something about their body that makes them a little insecure, and so I find Aerie’s effort to allow women to identify with their models both impressive and liberating.  I truly hope that Aerie has kick-started a phenomenon that will have more and more companies following suit.

If you’re interested in learning more about their initiative, check it out here.  What are your thoughts on Aerie’s new campaign? Let me know, below!