Gift Guide Day 10: A Gift to Share with your BFF

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We all remember how much it meant when our friend chose us to wear the other half of their BFF bracelet, necklace, or key chain back in the day. Why not bring that feeling back?  These adorable Side by Side charms from Alex and Ani are a modern twist on the BFF bracelet.  Why otters, you ask?  Otters actually hold hands when floating in the water to prevent themselves from drifting apart (que the “awww”), and are therefore a symbol of unity and friendship.  Share one with your BFF and wear these charms as a reminder to, “Bask in the glow of good times and make the best of what floats your way.” ( You can purchase this set in either a Rafaelian Gold or Rafaelian Silver finish, and they are expandable from 2″ to 3.5″ in diameter.  Who will be your significant otter?  Sorry, couldn’t resist!

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WhatDidSheFind Gift Guide: Day Twenty-Nine

Photo and logo as seen on

Photo and logo as seen on

Based out of Los Angeles, The Giving Keys employs only those who are looking to transition out of homelessness.  So, in a sense, when you buy one of these “Classic Pendants“, (or other products from their website), your actually helping to provide someone with the key to a new life.  Moreover, each re-purposed key is meant to be paid forward based on the sentiment hand-stamped on it: “hope”, “let go”, “strength”, and etcetera.  When you encounter someone who could use the message on the key, pass it on to them, and then share your story on The Giving Keys website.  The Classic Pendants shown above retails for $35.00 US and comes on a 27″ chain (there a variety of chains to choose from).  There are also a number of words to choose from, or you can customize your own, (9 character limit), for an additional $5.00.  You can purchase these keys online, or search the website to find a local retailer.

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