6 Fall Must-Haves

Fall Must Haves

When I think of Fall, I think of pumpkins, apples, warm colours, and cozy knits.  Here are a few of my Fall must-haves.

1. Bath and Body Works Mini Candle in “Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin”

When it comes to candles, I’m typically more of a vanilla/musk/men’s cologne type of gal, but I have been absolutely loving this Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle as of late.  Picture a fresh pumpkin pie baking in the oven mixed with a hit of vanilla (mmmm, right?!).  I love that it fills the house with fragrance, but isn’t overpowering/headache inducing.  I own this candle in the 3-wick version, but how cute is this mini version? Perfect for testing out the scent!

2. Old Navy Patterned Sweater Cape in “Warm Multi”

Capes are huge for fall this year, and I’m in love with the Aztec-inspired pattern on this one from Old Navy.  What’s great about this cape is that you can wear it many different ways: over top of a chambray shirt, a sweater, a dress, and beyond.  It can be a statement piece that inspires the rest of your outfit, or simply an extra layer you leave at your desk during the day for when the office is chilly.  It’s versatile, affordable, and the perfect cozy material for Fall. And while I’m still a huge fan of the blanket scarf, this is a fun alternative.

3. Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon in “Brandy” 

When it comes to lip colours, I simply can’t resist a good berry tone.  This one from Bite Beauty is perfect for Fall.  Described as a “muted raspberry”, it’s super pigmented, applies smoothly, and has a matte finish.  The crayon-style applicator allows you to line your lips easily before filling them in, and the colour has serious staying power. For mornings that are getting increasingly darker (and when you start using the “snooze” button more often), simply pair this shade with some mascara and you’re good to go.  I’ve blogged previously about Bite Beauty and their use of food-grade ingredients; I’ve become a big fan and highly recommend trying them out!

4. Grove Square Spiced Single Serve Hot Apple Cider 

If Fall were a drink, it would be a nice hot glass of apple cider.  These k-cups are a super fast, easy, and convenient way to enjoy this seasonal classic at home, without having to make a full pot.  If you’re feeling fancy you can even add some cinnamon sticks or orange slices.  Yum!

5. Forever 21 Leaf Statement Necklace

There’s something so very “Greek Goddess” about nature-inspired jewelry, and this gorgeous one from Forever 21 is just $12.90!  What’s great is that, while it’s perfect for this time of year, it can actually be worn year-round.  And because a statement necklace makes, well, such a statement, it can be worn with the simplest of outfits (hello button-up and dress pants) for those not-so-easy Fall Monday mornings.  If you’re feeling a little more energetic, picture this necklace paired with a buttoned-up chambray shirt, a top-knot, a berry lip, and hey, maybe even the cape from Old Navy!

6. Mark’s Work Warehouse “Brooklyn” Mid-Rise Plaid Rain Boot

Buffalo plaid.  Need I say more? These fun rain boots from Mark’s Work Warehouse are perfect for Fall’s rainy days.  Even better? They are treated with antimicrobial technology to ensure they stay smelling and looking fresh.  I own a pair, and wore mine recently to go apple picking!

What are your essentials for Fall?  Let me know in the comments below!

Review: 14 Day Skinny Teatox

Skinny Teatox 1

After hearing about the rising tea-detox trend, I was curious to try it out for myself.  And, while one of the main benefits of a tea detox is weight loss, personally, I was more interested in one of the other benefits: increased energy levels.  I was excited when given the opportunity to try the 14 Day Skinny Teatox (which just happens to be the #1 Teatox in North America!).  This is an all natural Teatox (no chemicals or preservatives, is gluten free, GMO free,  nut free, and vegan), that helps with:

  • Weight loss
  • Burning calories
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Cleansing
  • Detoxifying
  • Suppressing appetite
  • Increasing energy levels

So how does it work, you ask?  The 14 Day Skinny Teatox comes with 2 teas: a loose-leaf tea to drink in the morning or during the day (which helps boost metabolism/burn fat), and nighttime tea bags (to drink every other night during the Teatox), which detoxify and cleanse.

Skinny Teatox 2

My Experience and results.  For me, drinking tea each morning is already part of my daily routine, so it was easy to substitute my normal “2 milk, 1 sugar” for the Teatox.  It was the nighttime tea that took some getting used to, but it proved to be quite relaxing and pleasant tasting (I added a little honey to mine).  I will say that it took a few nighttime teas before my stomach was used to the cleansing effect.  I’d recommend starting this Teatox on a Friday or a weekend (like I did) to gauge how your body reacts, and then adjust accordingly.

It’s also important to note that this tea can’t work magic alone: it requires you to have a healthy diet and be active.  I admit that I didn’t drastically increase my activity during the Teatox, but I did try to walk more. As someone who doesn’t own a scale (I’m a believer in feeling good, and not becoming a slave to the numbers), I can’t speak to the exact amount of weight I lost during the cleanse, but I can say that my clothes seem to be fitting significantly better, and I don’t get that “full” feeling I used to get nearly every day.  I was surprised to find that the morning tea did in fact suppress my appetite, and I didn’t feel the need to have nearly as many “snack attacks” as I normally do.  I noticed that my energy levels did in fact increase, and that I also stayed focused and feeling awake throughout the entire day (whereas with other teas, I tend to need an afternoon refresher).

Interested?  You can purchase the 14 Day Skinny Teatox (or any of their other programs/products) online at: http://skinny-teatox.com (they ship to most places around the world!).  And, if you’re curious to know more, be sure to follow their social media accounts (hint: there’s a promo code on their Instagram account right now!).

Have you tried a Teatox?  Let me know in the comments below!

*Note: Product provided for consideration via Brandbacker; all thoughts and opinions are honest and are my own.

January/February Favourites!

Jan-Feb 2015 Faves

I can barely fathom that it’s already March…where did January and February go?!  Wherever it went, it did leave me with some awesome new favourites to share with you.  Let’s get started!

1. American Eagle AEO Soft & Sexy Jegging V-Neck T-Shirt

I know what you’re thinking: Elyse, a t-shirt is a t-shirt.  But trust me, these shirts are perfection.  Part of AE’s new collection, these tees are the perfect length, are extremely soft and silky, are tagless, and come out good-as-new when washing.  I purchased my v-neck in black, (they are available in other colours), and the “Soft & Sexy” line also includes other styles (muscle tees, baseball tees, zip ups, and more!).

2. Arm & Hammer Pro Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste

For me, a good toothpaste is hard to find.  Sometimes I don’t like the texture, sometimes I don’t care for the taste, and sometimes I’m just not happy with the results. But for me, this toothpaste has it all: sensitivity protection, whitening, and a great “clean” feeling after you use it.  I’m especially impressed with its whitening ability, and noticed a significant difference after just a few days of use.

3. Tetley Chai Tea

I tried this tea after I found it in my pantry on a day when my go-to, Orange Pekoe, had run out.  When it comes to home-brewed tea, this is definitely one of my new front-runners.  A combination of, “cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, star anise and cloves”, I find it to be extremely smooth tasting and aromatic (just smelling it calms me down at the end of the day).

4. MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil in “Hip ‘n’ Happy”

Lip pencils have become one of my favourite beauty products as of late (check out my Valentine’s day post here).  I was introduced to this MAC classic when I went to pick up the new Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick and Tinted Lipglass.  The makeup artist at the MAC counter was wearing a gorgeous colour on her lips, and she informed me that it was actually this lip pencil underneath the Miley lipglass.  She had received so many compliments on her lip combo, that her store at the mall (and the MAC counter in The Bay) were all sold out.  So, three MAC counters later, I now own and love this lip pencil.  Wear it on its own, with a lipstick, or under a gloss.  Any which way, you’re sure to love it too!

5. Aldo Accessories “Olaoviel” Necklace

Aldo Accessories is one of my favourite stores, and I frequent it often to check out their sale section (usually buy one, get one free).  This fun statement necklace, made of multifaceted black rings woven into braided black fabric, is perfect for jazzing up the neckline of a simple crew neck tee (or LBD).

6. Aveeno Fresh Essentials Daily Exfoliating Scrub

I’ve already raved about this product in my previous post: a review of the Aveeno Fresh Essentials line.  So to summarize, this scrub: a) smells amazing, b) feels awesome on your skin, and c) works like a charm.  Highly recommend!

  “Spring is when life’s alive in everything” ~Christina Rossetti

WhatDidSheFind Gift Guide: Day Twenty-Three

Photo and logo as seen on Teavana.com

Photo and logo as seen on Teavana.com

There is no denying that loose-leaf tea is a delicious treat, but it can also tend to be a little high-maintenance when it comes to preparation.  Enter the Teavana Perfectea Maker, a handy device that helps steep your tea and strain it right into your mug of choice, without having to worry about spillage or tea “floaties”.  Aside from being super easy to use, the Perfectea Maker also makes cleanup a sinch: simply remove the filter, wash, and reassemble.  Regular price, the Perfectea Maker retails for $19.95, but you can purchase it this weekend during Teavana’s Friends and Family Sale for 30% off (use code FFHOLIDAY).

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WhatDidSheFind Gift Guide: Day Two

Photos as seen on Starbucks.ca

Photos as seen on Starbucks.ca

As I mentioned in a previous post, one of my favourite items to give and receive during the holidays or on special occasions is a mug (travel, tumbler, or otherwise).  I especially love when they’re adorned with unique quotes or patterns.  Not only do you think of the person who gave them to you every time you see them, they’re also something you (or whoever you give them to) will actually use.  After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good tea, coffee, or hot chocolate?

This year, Starbucks released their “Dot Collection”, a series of 100 designs created by Starbucks artists, all inspired by the iconic green-dot on the Starbucks cup.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of designs: from classic, to chic, to fun, there’s sure to be a mug for everyone.  The best part? All items in this collection are under $25.00, come in a ready-to-gift box, and if you purchase 3 or more today, you’ll receive a promotion for free shipping!

Some of my favourites?  Siren in Water, Plaid, Studded, Studded Cuff, Face, and Sentiment.

Missed day one of the gift guide? Check it out here.