Spring Sweat Series: Blogilates

It’s not something I typically blog about, but since recently embarking on my own personal fitness journey, working on bettering my health and wellness has truly become a passion of mine.  It all started this past January, where I found myself constantly feeling tired and “blah” (very articulate, I know), and my wardrobe options were getting smaller and smaller as my selection of pants got, well, tighter and tighter.  I changed into yoga pants, opened YouTube on my phone, and started my very first Blogilates (Pilates) workout.  I was instantly hooked: I loved the music, the combination of cardio exercises mixed with strength training, and the high-energy instructor (self-made YouTube personality Cassey Ho).  But what really, truly helped me commit was the fact that the workout program was structured, and that each workout was laid out for me in the form of a daily schedule.  For me, this took the guessing out of “where do I start?” and “what do I do next?“.  I started the first month with the Beginner’s Calendar (in the picture above) and by February, was all set to join the regular monthly program (which is free by the way; all you have to do is sign-up!).

I could feel myself getting stronger within just the first few weeks, had more energy, and was truly happier.  I found (and still find) happiness and gratification in checking off my workouts as I complete them each day (there are around 5 workout videos to complete a day, ranging from 3-15 minutes each).  Along the way, I’ve gained a new appreciation for fun exercise gear, healthy snacks, and nutritious meals.  So, for the next month, I thought I’d start a “Spring Sweat Series“, where I talk about all of these things, along with other tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way thus far.  And don’t worry, if this isn’t really your thing, there will still be beauty and fashion posts mixed in along the way!  I hope you enjoy!

Have questions, or want to share your own health and fitness tips and tricks?  Let me know in the comments below!

Earworm Alert! Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”


Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Though it’s something I’m extremely passionate about, I don’t typically write about music here on my blog.  However, as soon as  I heard this song, I felt compelled to share it.  Not only is it a catchy (retro-inspired) tune you’ll be singing all day, I think the message behind it is also very powerful: stop comparing yourself to others and love yourself the way you are.  In an interview with HuffPost Meghan stated: “It’s impossible for a girl to live up to what we see in the magazines… Everyone is born to be different, and [yet] that’s the thing that makes us all the same.”

Meghan Trainor is a 20 year old songwriter (recruited right out of high-school at age 17), who writes songs for well known singers such as Rihanna.  A song that started as a fun project was then presented to L.A. Reid, who encouraged Trainor to be the voice behind the song (something she’d always dreamed of).  Trainor stated that she wrote the song about herself, as body image is something she, like almost every girl, has struggled with.  She wanted the song to be fun, positive, and feel-good, all of which I think she has achieved perfectly.  (All biographical information courtesy of

Video player below not working? You can also check out the video on YouTube by clicking here (4.5 million views and counting!)  Love the song like I do? Let me know in the comments below!